Are Women-Only Gyms The Answer To Sexual Harassment?

Women-only gyms have been receiving a number of consideration on TikTok just lately, with the hashtag #WomensOnlyGym at 21 million views and rising. Women take to social media day-after-day to speak about their experiences in health areas, and sometimes these embody experiences of sexual harassment, being stared at and feeling intimidated or not feeling comfy, succesful or like they belong.A latest examine by Origym titled The Gym-timidation Report confirmed that six in 10 ladies within the UK have been harassed whereas figuring out in blended gyms. Interestingly, 31% of girls surveyed mentioned they see a profit to women-only gyms and that women-only health areas would assist them really feel safer and extra comfy. But would all-female gyms really assist? Or would they simply create extra division and make issues with harassment worse?According to a 2021 examine on the gender exercise hole performed by Sport England as a part of its This Girl Can marketing campaign, a big proportion of girls really feel unable to train with out boundaries which embody intimidation, embarrassment and sexual harassment affecting their experiences. More typically than not, it’s male health club goers which can be related to these boundaries.Origym discovered that two in 5 ladies keep away from the health club as a result of males make them really feel uncomfortable. In the Gym-timidation Report, ladies, transgender, non-binary and gender-fluid gym-goers cited encounters of males making a cross at them, following them across the health club and sexual remarks as a few of the most typical types of health club harassment.Charlotte, 37, from Solihull, felt uncomfortable utilizing the sauna at her native health club after the identical man adopted her in on a number of events. “I used to be utilizing the pool, and a person stored hanging across the aspect ready for me,” she says. “When I entered the sauna, he got here in, and it was simply us in there. He requested me out. I mentioned no and left the sauna. A number of months later, I went into the sauna once more and, in waltzes the identical man to attempt it on once more. I undoubtedly felt uncomfortable there after that.”“Women would possibly really feel safer, however single-sex gyms wouldn’t deal with the broader downside of sexual misconduct.”The query is, would women-only gyms cease this type of behaviour from taking place? Inside an inclusive single-sex health club, ladies would possibly really feel safer, however single-sex gyms wouldn’t deal with the broader downside of sexual misconduct. Harassment would nonetheless proceed in different areas and on the road.This additionally begs the query, ought to ladies should shoulder the duty of retaining themselves secure when it is primarily males who’re actively bothering them in gyms throughout the UK? In organising all-female areas, ladies are but once more having to tackle the labour of eradicating themselves from unsafe conditions, slightly than all blended gyms merely cracking down on inappropriate behaviour.“It’s unlucky that girls should really feel like they want a segregated health house, to start with,” says Stef Williams, founding father of the health app, WeGLOW. “We must be seeking to assist ladies to really feel assured sufficient to not want that separation; whether or not that is from educating them on the best way to use the tools to make sure all health areas are welcoming and inclusive to everybody. I’d by no means need any lady to really feel like they need to be subjected to a female-only house as a result of they may take that as a sign that they couldn’t or shouldn’t transfer their physique in different health areas.”

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