Lioness Beth Mead pictured using anti-gravity treadmill

Lioness and Arsenal star Beth Mead is a powerhouse. Last year, she won BBC Sports Personality of the Year after leading the Lionesses to their first ever international trophy at the 2022 Euros, where she also walked away as player of the tournament. Sadly, it’s unlikely she’ll make this year’s World Cup after she sustained an ACL injury last November, but she’s been doing all she can to make it happen. In a recent post captioned, ‘Recent fun with good peeps,’ she’s seen in a spa, and using an anti-gravity treadmill (genius for reducing impact if you’re suffering with an injury). If we were her, we’d also be using the opportunity to take a holiday, like she did this time last year when she headed to Ibiza with her friends. She posted a photo dump from the trip, including one of her and Aston Villa player Jordan Nobbs posing on a boat. Beth rocked a simple white bikini and, considering 280k of you have read our story on fellow Lioness Chloe Kelly’s white bikini, we thought it only fair to bring it to your attention. Her legs and core look seriously strong, and the pic has already had 18,100 likes. Several of Beth’s fans also took to the comments section. One wrote, ‘🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍,’ while another added, ‘What a team🔥,’ and a third joked, ‘Does anyone have some cheese that needs grating? 😂 🔥🔥🔥.’ (They’re referring to her strong AF abs, if we lost you on that one.)Back in 2019, she also shared another snap of herself on her holibobs, and please can we take a moment for that core: How does she stay so fit and healthy? Naturally, she follows a stringent routine as part of her football training, but sleep is also a big factor. Speaking to Women’s Fitness, she said, ‘Everyone needs a good night’s rest to perform to their best ability.’ As an ambassador for the WHOOP fitness tracker, she is also a firm believer in tracking your goals to enable you to perform better.She knows when she needs rest, too. ‘It is just as important to have some down time as it is to have a good night’s rest,’ she adds. ‘I’m lucky in that I’m good at zoning out. I absolutely love sitting on the sofa with a coffee and watching TV.’ As for her nutrition, she told us, ‘I’m a creature of habit, I actually have the same thing most mornings. I should mix it up probably, but I have an omelette, I put in peppers, spinach, mushrooms, tomato, and a little bit of cheese.’ BRB, off to buy omelette ingredients.

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