A new place to get in motion: women’s fitness gym opens in Childs | News

A new women’s fitness gym, E-Motion Fitness, 529 Main St. Childs, is making its debut this month.Co-owned by native Carbondale couple, Joya and Ashley Whittington, E-motion Fitness started with a desire to “empower women through fitness and women’s health,” said Joya Whittington.“As moms, we were becoming the people we did not want to be,” said Joya Whittington. Once she and her wife had their son, Levi, they were finding themselves busy taking care of him but ignoring their own health needs.Ashley Whittington explained mothers tend to put themselves last while taking care of their children, but women need to still take care of themselves.“We have become our ideal client, and we can relate to other moms and grandparents trying to keep up with their kids,” she said.Women coming to work out at E-Motion Fitness will find a different environment than most gyms. It will not have any cardio equipment such as treadmills and bikes. Instead, the gym will be full of workout equipment such as kettlebells, battle ropes, sandbags, medicine balls, sleds and barbells. These tools will help woman build functional strength and power, according to Joya Whittington.When starting at E-Motion Fitness, no one will be on their own — they will train with a coach to help them perform a workout routine.Joya Whittington has completed training including: American Muscle and Fitness Strength and Conditioning Certification and Functional Training Institutes Certificate of Completion in areas including: Fundamentals of Battling Ropes Training, Fundamentals of Mobility and Foundation, Fundamentals of Sandbag training, Kettlebell Level 1 and 2, and Suspended Fitness Training Level 1 and 2. She also gained experience with coaching fitness while coaching women’s college basketball.New technology will be used in the gym including heart rate monitors and iPads. According to Joya Whittington, the heart rate monitors will allow women to be able to train safely by getting a baseline of where they are at with their workout and be able to know when they need to slow down or can safely push themselves further.iPads with attached magnets that can be transported around the gym and attached to equipment will allow women to train in groups even though each person has a different fitness goal and plan. Workout programs on iPads will be used to track and record the progress of each woman’s workout routine. The data from the program will then be used to adjust a workout routine as needed to reach fitness goals.Women of all abilities and stages of life are able to work out at E-motion Fitness. Whether training for a marathon; getting her body back after pregnancy; trying to build strength, mobility and stability to prevent injury; or coming to a gym for the first time, she can find a place at E-Motion Fitness, according to Joya Whittington.Ashley Whittington brings medical knowledge to E-motion fitness with her bachelor’s degree in nursing and experience as a registered nurse for 11 years. She also has a Pre-and Postnatal Fitness Coaching Certification.The business will also offer Essential Eating Education as part of their program to help connect fitness and eating habits. According to Ashley Whittington, everyone has a relationship with food, and at E-Motion Fitness, they are looking to help everyone make it a healthy one. Members will be given tools to improve eating habits and eat more whole foods.The new gym space will “make people open to learning,” said Ashley Whittington. “We are going to build a space where people want to spend their time, bring friends and challenge themselves.”“We feel honored to serve moms like us, grandmas and any woman looking to get better and feel better,” said Joya Whittington.E-motion fitness will be offering complementary one-hour strategy sessions for new members. These one-on-one sessions will let each woman tell about her fitness goals, struggles and strengths to create a starting point for a fitness routine. This will help each women know where to start and what goals to set, according to Joya Whittington.With the gym opening soon, Joya Whittington said she cannot wait to be “sharing passions with clients to change the way they feel.”Information about the business can be found at www.emotionfitnesspa.com.


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