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VYIT—a Dallas-Fort Worth-based startup founded by four women “transformation and wellness” coaches—has launched wearable apps to support its online training and mobile apps platform for everyone from the healthy-living curious to those seeking “ultimate body transformation.”
Before launching their platform in 2022, the founders went through their own “remarkable personal transformations,” VYIT says—from losing over 100 pounds to overcoming health problems to becoming bodybuilders.
VYIT Co-Founder Christine Scott—who’s also a VYIT coach as well as the brand’s CFO and COO—says that “everyone’s definition of being fit is different.”
“Our products are designed for people who want to live a productive life and not be inhibited by health issues,” Scott added in a statement, “and for the up-and-coming or experienced athlete.”
The coaching at VYIT incorporates flexible methods for healthy living and specializes in areas from senior fitness to weight loss, women’s fitness, performance training, behavioral change, nutrition, and physique.
Complementing fitness platform with wearable apps
VYIT Co-founder, CFO, and COO Christine Scott [DI background; Courtesy photo]
VYIT announced today that it’s launching its first fitness wearable app for the Apple Watch and Google Play, to support and customize the brand’s “virtual personal training service offerings.” The apps connect with Apple Health and other fitness devices and apps, including Garmin, Fitbit, and MyFitnessPal, VYIT said.
VYIT said it offers a variety of “shop bundles,” including personal one-on-one dynamic training and 6-week training and nutrition programs.
Over the last year, the startup designed two progressive training series of five 6-week training programs. Thematically focused, they offer a training style and nutrition principles “to take the individual from the beginning of their health and fitness journey to transformation—be it in weight loss, wellness living, body shaping, improved health, or getting ready for the next athletic journey.”
Addressing rising problems in healthcare
VYIT says it’s inspired not just by personal transformations, but by problems in healthcare systems today—from rising insurance costs to the opioid epidemic to post-pandemic repercussions.
There’s more to come to help alleviate all three, VYIT says, in an “emerging SmartFit system” that will include more mobile apps, artificial intelligence, and human coaching. T
Technology is second to what matters most: improving quality of life, the startup says.
VYIT Co-Founder Nelly Pereira, who’s also a coach and bodybuilding competitor, said that those looking ahead to retirement need to consider their priorities.
“Investing in retirement should also include investing in personal health and wellness,” Pereira said in a statement.

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