Frankie Bridge posts unedited bikini pic amid heatwave

Frankie Bridge has been making the most of the mini heatwave. The Loose Women host took to her IG Stories with a selfie sunbathing in a bikini in her garden captioned, ‘Yes England,’ and can we please appreciate how strong she looks. Her biceps and core are 👌 InstagramHave a gander at the rest of her IG and you’ll see she’s strong all over. Take this previous bikini pic:InstagramAnd this TikTok dance: Yes, she can dance, and yes, her legs, bum, arms, abs, and the rest are just as strong. She’s got her workout routine on lock, too. For one, she only does exercise that she enjoys. Speaking to Women’s Fitness, she explained: ‘I’m more in the mindset of doing something I actually enjoy, rather than forcing myself. I’m not one of those people that will make myself go to the gym, particularly if there is something a lot more appealing on offer, like a friend wanting to go out for a drink.’InstagramWeight training is her go-to. ‘I tend to do an hour or so a day. Up until the new year I was doing Pilates and boxing throughout the week, whereas now I’ve started weight training,’ she said in an interview with Cosmopolitan. ‘A lot of people I knew did it and I’ve heard a lot about it burning fat and being good for toning, so I’ve started doing that with a new trainer. I really like it. My bum and my legs just weren’t changing before I started weight training, but now I have noticed a difference [from squatting with free weights] quite quickly.’InstagramShe knows the deal when it comes to executing exercises with good form, too. While chatting to Cosmopolitan, she explained how technique is more important than how many reps you do in total, adding that she found it much harder to rack up a big number of reps once her PT at the time had taught her how to ‘do the moves properly’.She knows her stuff, so it’s hardly surprising that Frankie also has her own fitness programme on Results With Lucy, a platform founded by Lucy Mecklenburgh. Dubbed Results With Frankie: Health & Happiness, Frankie’s plan features a mix of home workouts, including boxing, LIIT (low intensity interval training), dance and weights, healthy recipes and mindset chats. It launched not long after Frankie starred on I’m A Celeb, and she told The Telegraph: ‘I was exhausted and hadn’t worked out for a month, so I was quite nervous about it.’ (Needless to say, she smashed it.)And when it comes to motivation, she reminds herself of the benefits of exercise for her mental health. As one of the first UK celebrities to speak openly about depression back in 2012, she’s a huge advocate of exercise for clearing your head. ‘Exercise plays a vital role in boosting my physical and mental health. I can’t stress how massively important it is for me to do some type of activity as, not only does the sense of a routine – doing a class and so on – help me mentally, but the endorphins are also so important. Nothing beats that high you get from exercise,’ she told Women’s Fitness.Love that for you, Frank.

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