My new favorite sports bra is like a free boob job – I’m a literal catfish when I wear it, it’s the most flattering ever

A WORKOUT attire-obsessed TikToker has gushed that she found the most flattering sports bra of her life.
The fitness fan said the supportive buy was like getting a “free boob job” and she even felt like she was catfishing a bigger chest.
4A fitness fan let her favorite sports bra secret out of the gym bagCredit: TikTok/desreclark
4She showed off her no-longer flat-chested chest thanks to her favorite new sports bra findCredit: TikTok/desreclark
“The best sports bra for my small babes,” the online women’s fitness coach captioned the video.
With the bra’s visible midnight blue colored straps in view, Des (@desreclark) expressed her affection for the undergarment that filled out her fit physique.
“This has to be the most flattering sports bra I think I’ve ever worn in my entire life,” she said.
“I have been a ride-or-die Gymshark minimal training bra girl but this bra,” she explained, staring off in disbelief.

Des was excited that she got the perfect look — no plastic required.
“Especially if you have small titties like me, this is a free boob job. This is a catfish — this is a literal catfish,” she continued.
This long-lashed lady’s full look consisted of black shorts — and a very pushed-up look in her sports bra.
Pointing to herself, the tanned and toned TikToker couldn’t believe the bra look she had achieved: “What? This is not what I look like.”

She then let her secret to perky perfection out of the gym bag: “This is the Gymshark sweat seamless sports bra. Oh my god, she is my new favorite.”
Now squatting on the ground in white sneakers, she got a new angle of her no longer A-sized cups.
For the finale, the now buxom TikToker showed followers a close-up of her equally filled backside — and crisscrossed bra straps.
Her over 124,000 followers expressed enjoyment at the video – and fashion hack.
“Girl, I smiled watching this whole thing. You’re so cute,” commented one viewer.
4She showed off her much much perkier assets from a squatting positionCredit: TikTok/desreclark
4The toned TikToker couldn’t get enough of her new lookCredit: TikTok/desreclark

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