Why don’t women enjoy exercise as much as men?

The research also showed that women in lower-socio economic groups are 17.3%  less likely to enjoy exercise compared to men, while disabled women were 22% less likely, and the gap sat at 11.8% for women with one child in their household. Across every demographic, including ethnicity, women were less likely to enjoy exercise than their male counterparts. GLAMOUR spoke to Tasha Thompson, founder of Black Girls Do Run UK, an organisation that is already doing incredible work to close the enjoyment gap. “I have always had a fairly good relationship with exercise,” Tasha explains. “I loved P.E. lessons at school, but once I left secondary school didn’t do much for a couple of years. “A trip to the GP, who asked how many times per week I was exercising and advised it should be at least three times per week, as well as seeing family members develop diabetes and hypertension, was the motivation for me to join my local gym. My favourite piece of cardio gym equipment was the treadmill, so one day, I decided to try running outside, and I loved it. “I ran my first race in 1999 and have not stopped running and racing since then. I created Black Girls Do Run UK in 2019 to encourage running amongst non-elite athletes because when I attended races, I didn’t see many black women, sometimes none at all.” While a minority of people don’t understand the need for a running club solely for Black women, Tasha highlights the need for safe spaces for Black women to feel safe and, ultimately, enjoy their workout:  “We needed a safe and self-affirming space to come together, to feel connected, to feel confident and empowered that running is a space for Black women too.”For more from Glamour UK’s Lucy Morgan, follow her on Instagram @lucyalexxandra.


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