Carlisle community group aims to empower women through fitness

Girl Power Fitness is run by instructor Aleasha Wallace and takes place in a number of different locations across Carlisle throughout the week, including Morton Manor, Currock, and Harraby.

The community group came into existence in 2019 when Aleasha adapted her ‘Clubbercise’, which involved dance fitness in the dark, to incorporate a wider variety of workouts. 

Girl Power Fitness also sought to give local women a ‘safe space’ away from the regular gym in which they could take part in workouts. 

Aleasha and her Girl Power Fitness group (Image: Girl Power Fitness)

Aleasha said: “A lot of women feel intimidated not having the knowledge how to lift weights or workout effectively.

“Especially having fear of going into what is still in some places deemed as ‘the men’s section’.

“Girl power aims to change that.

“We provide fun fitness classes for women of all ages, such as ladies that lift which educates and empowers beginners to learn to lift safely and effectively giving them all the knowledge, tools, and confidence to change their body and their self-esteem.”

Aleasha also believes that the group, which promotes a ‘community atmosphere with no judgement or egos’, has helped local women do a lot more than work on their fitness. 

She said: “It’s not just physical results people get but mentally and emotionally too.

A session at Girl Power Fitness taking place (Image: Supplied)

“Educating and empowering women to be the best version of themselves and take care of their own health.”

“The results speak for themselves and it is amazing to have formed this community of women who I’ve watched build in confidence to be able to try new jobs, climb that mountain, begin that relationship, travel, try a new class, make new friends and feel like they are a part of something that has a positive impact on their lives. ”

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