National Women’s Health & Fitness Day: Chattanooga gym focuses solely on women’s health | Local News

September 27th is National Women’s Health and Fitness Day, a time that one special gym in Chattanooga celebrates everyday.Vive for Women is an all-women’s gym that was opened in 2016 by Taylor Silberman.Silberman said he noticed a void in the area surrounding women’s fitness and decided to open a gym where the workouts and equipment is designed specifically for women.”Strength training is just as important, if not more important, than cardio especially for women,” Silberman said. “So they can build lean muscle, build bone density.”While staying active is important for everyone, there are areas that women, specifically, can focus on to support their health.Liz Robertson, Vive’s client success manager, said as women age, they need to do strength training for a lot of reasons including bone density.”This will help fight against osteoporosis, which as women, it’s harder for us,” Robertson said.Silberman said even the equipment they use is designed for women.”That way we can create symmetry and create that long, lean muscle that women desire.” Silberman said. “So they can see the tone and the definition in all their muscle groups that they’ve been working so hard for.”Robertson and Silberman both said that the community built at Vive allows for women to take advantage of their workout in a way they can’t in a co-ed class.“Just being able to utilize different pieces of equipment, or moves that might make someone uncomfortable, like your glutes, that can be an uncomfortable thing to do in a co-ed class,” Robertson said.Robertson said even beyond the workout, the supportive atmosphere and tight-knit community at Vive helps encourage women to take initiative in their health journey no matter their age.”We’re all working out together- all able to go through the moves and the exercise in an hour and have a great workout from all of us,” Robertson said.Click here to learn more about Vive for Women.

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