New fitness club encourages women to build confidence in and out of the gym

A women’s fitness organization helping young women’s confidence in and out of the gym is growing rapidly after coming to TCU last November.
CHXX Who Lift, which stands for “Confident, Hardworking Women,” was created by Jaci Budreck, a junior movement science major. Her idea was to provide a safe space for women to build confidence when it comes to working out. The “XX” in the name are the symbols for the female chromosomes. 
“The mission of this organization is to create an environment where women can come together to lift up weights and lift up each other,” CHXX Who Lift President Jaci Budreck said.
Budreck played volleyball in high school and was used to having a set routine for working out.
She isn’t playing collegiate sports, but still wanted to hold herself accountable for her fitness. So, she’s using her active lifestyle as an outlet for supporting her mental and physical health. 
“Stepping into the gym for the first time and sticking to a workout schedule can be very intimidating for beginners, which is why CHXX Who Lift was founded,” Budreck said. 
Members of CHXX Who Lift at the club meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 13. (Sarah Smith)
Partner up
A unique aspect of the club is its big-little system, which pairs an experienced lifter with a less inexperienced. They coordinate times throughout the week to workout together. 
The experienced lifter demonstrates correct form and explains the benefit of each exercise.
The system was created to help new lifters “learn and look up to somebody who not only knows what they’re doing but loves what they’re doing,” said Marissa Townes, a junior strategic communication major and club member. “Confidently knowing that someone wants you to get better is so valuable.”
Hannah Trail, a junior and vice president of CHXX Who Lift, said the group is a great way to meet other women who share similar mindsets about working out. Also, it helps ease the anxiety women face when going to the gym as a beginner.
“I really want to tell these girls they’re beautiful and confident and help them reach their full potential,” Trail said. 
The club meets twice a month and dicusses about topics such as mental health, healthy eating habits and more.

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