New Fitter Body Ladies opens its doors in Basingstoke

Fitter Body Ladies Basingstoke opened on Sunday, September 3 in Roentgen Road, and is part of a franchise which was started by husband and wife founders Alex and Ricky Knight. 

The franchise offers unique training programmes for women called FBL 3F which aims to transform the lives of women over 40 through challenging workouts and food recipes.

Alex, who is 45-years-old, said: “I started the gym with my husband in 2021 in a field in Northampton. We ran the gym successfully for five years so after that, we went from the field into our own unit. The reason we started it was because I couldn’t find an environment where I could find all those fun things you could do in the gym without feeling intimated.”

The pair already have other gyms open in several other locations including Norwich and Milton Keynes.

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The Basingstoke gym was opened by 42-year-old Vera Balabanova who was inspired by her own weight loss transformation after having two children.

The single mum of two said: “I had always been going up and down with my weight and after my weight transformation I decided I wanted to get into the fitness industry. I completed a personal training course and I even started working in the same fitness studio from when I was a member.

“Since then I had in the back of my mind that I wanted to open a gym or some kind of fitness club because I really enjoyed teaching classes there.”

Vera said that she spotted an advert on Facebook showcasing the Fitter Body Ladies franchise. After contacting them she was told if she found a suitable location she could open a new gym.

Vera, who used to live in London moved to Basingstoke in March this year to open the franchise after always thinking about relocating. 

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She continued: “I do like to work with women because women are the ones who feel most intimidated to go to the gym because they are too afraid that they don’t what to do or they feel embarrassed of themselves.

“The opening went really well and I am really happy and the women are really happy enjoying the sessions. They are starting to lose weight and meet other women on the same fitness journey. I hope it is going to get better and better.”

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