‘Unique’ fitness studio for women opens in Blackburn town centre

Owner Kimberley Badat, who runs AK Active in Preston, said her team were focussed on helping more people to lead ‘a happier, healthier more confident lifestyle’. 

Kimberley leads a 6-week Body Confidence Programme where members of all abilities are encouraged to ‘reach their goals in body and mind’. She hopes to reach out to those who feel that ‘they have tried everything from fad diets to intimidating commercial gyms, who feel that they need something different’.

The studio is based off Canterbury Street close to Blackburn Fire Station.

She said: “We are a little different to other places as our aim is to help people as much as we can to gain better body confidence. We believe that you can’t be healthy in body without being healthy in mind, too.”

“It is best described as a transformation studio where we encourage and work with members to reach their full potential, beyond what they thought possible.”

“Our Body Confidence Program aims to help members transform their physique and mindset. 

“Over the past four years, we have perfected our formula for life changing results. Now, we are delighted to be opening the new studio base in Blackburn.”

Kimberley runs the gym with her husband Adam.

Some of the members at AK Active which has opened a new base in Blackburn

The gym is assisted by a team of coaches who, Kimberley said, are available to answer questions and provide guidance.

She said they wanted to run a gym that was ‘non-judgmental or intimidating, friendly, and always willing to offer encouragement and support’. 

She said: “Losing weight and the need to succeed has been something that has always been a part of my life.

“I know what many women go through when they want to lose weight as I used to be a size 18 myself and then I went to a size 6. Both were unhealthy.

“So, I do wish I had this programme when I set out on my fitness journey.

“I always tell our ladies I am their fitness fairy godmother.

“The sessions are uplifting and we want those who take part to see success for themselves.”


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