10 things we know about Rochelle Humes’ wellness routine

If there’s one person who has their wellness routine on lock, it’s Rochelle Humes. Alongside presenting This Morning, parenting three children, hosting podcasts, writing books and running two businesses, she makes time for some form of self-care every day. For her, that might mean making her IG-famous salad (wait until you see it), drinking a matcha, or doing Pilates. It varies from day-to-day, but there is a common theme: everything she does is affordable and actionable. Here’s everything we know about her routine, for you to try.Humes likes to stay active, and prioritises weight training for its many physical and mental benefits. Snippets of her workouts, shared on Instagram by her personal trainer PMAC (a.k.a., Peter MacIver), show that her sessions include weighted compound exercises (those which target multiple muscle groups at once), such as squats and step-ups, and core work. In an interview with Hello!, PMAC said that he trains Humes three times a week, for 45-60 minute sessions. ‘She also does cardio twice a week in her own time,’ he added.When asked about the contents of her workouts, PMAC told Hello! that it differs: ‘No two workouts with me are ever the same. We might be doing the same body part but we’ll do different exercises as much as possible. This keeps things new and fresh and also stops the body becoming used to certain exercises.’ Love that.2. She wakes up before her kids InstagramThough Humes once prioritised getting as much sleep as she could, she now wakes up at 5.30am, before her three children. ‘When I first started [setting the alarm] for 5.30am I thought, oh my god, I don’t really want to get up that early, I’ll just wait for my kids to wake me up to maximise my sleep, but it means that I get more time for myself at the front of the day,’ she told Health & Wellbeing. She usually spends this time doing a workout. ‘I just want to be fit because I have to run around after three kids; especially my son [Blake], he’s 19 months and has so much energy,’ she added. As for her evenings, being home in time for the school run, dinner and bath time is a non-negotiable. Her husband Marvin Humes works away Monday to Thursday, she says, so once the kids are in bed, she uses the time for her own bath, with all the frills. ‘That’s my thing,’ she says. Same TBH.3. She exercises for enjoyment InstagramStudies show that having a fitness goal could aid with motivation; if you have something to work towards, you’re probably more likely to stick to a routine, they say. But there are times when goals aren’t the one – another study found that they could become so overwhelming that they remove all enjoyment you get from exercise. Humes has found her sweet spot.’I think I’ve got it wrong in the past,’ she admitted to Health & Wellbeing. ‘I used to think, I need to do this type of workout with this trainer, but actually, fitness doesn’t have to be so military. Once you find the thing for you, you can enjoy it and for me, sometimes that’s just a nice walk and some Pilates. Fitness is super personal and I’ve learned that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing either.’ If her social media is anything to go by, Humes loves a good Pilates session. Images shared on her Instagram indicate she attends both mat and reformer Pilates classes – a win for her wellbeing. She’s a big fan of Bryony Deery’s virtual Pilates platform (the pair have recently announced they are launching a matcha brand together, Cloudcha Matcha). Pilates has many benefits – it: 5. She’s committed to core workCore strength is important for balance and stability, and for supporting everyday activities. Fortunately, Humes factors core training into her workouts – and an exercise that features heavily in her programme is ab rollouts. ‘Too many people are scared to try this exercise out of fear they can’t do it,’ her PT PMAC wrote on Instagram alongside a video of Humes performing the movement. ‘The ab roller is a fantastic exercise for not only building your abs, but also shoulders, arms, chest and back💪🏾💪🏾.’The aforementioned compound movements she practices, including squats and lunges, also train her core, by helping her remain stable.6. She likes to get outsideIn an interview with Women’s Fitness, Humes shared that she loves exercising outdoors as much as her gym workouts: ‘I like a combination of the two. To be honest, I probably only ever worked out indoors before lockdown. But once we were all locked away, working out and being outdoors for an hour a day became such a treat for everybody.‘If you weren’t outdoorsy before lockdown, you definitely were afterwards! Now, I love exercising outside, and I’ve even done bootcamp classes.’7. She loves a matcha latteIf one thing’s clear: Humes absolutely loves a matcha latte (so much so, she’s launching her own brand), and we get it – not only is the drink, a type of green tea, delish, it’s also believed to have tons of health benefits. One study, published in 2015, found evidence to suggest that green tea consumption may have positive effects on your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, while other studies have linked it with enhanced brain performance. Big wins all round.8. She prioritises family timeShe may be booked and busy, but mum-of-three Humes makes family time with husband, Marvin Humes, and children a priority. Why? Research tells us that positive, supportive relationships with family members can facilitate a greater sense of self-worth, which may encourage optimism and have mood-boosting effects. Go Roch.9. She eats a varied dietWere we to guess, we’d say that you may have heard whisperings about Humes’s famous everyday salad that she loves to eat with chicken or salmon, or serve as a side dish. Thankfully, for her many salad fan followers (us included) she shared the recipe on Instagram.Not only is it incredibly tasty, it also contains five of your NHS recommended 5-a-day (though, there’s talk of 30 plants a week possibly being the ideal now).Crucially, Humes is not only aware of the nutritional and soul value of potatoes, she also makes mean-looking roasties. Consider this a recipe request, Rochelle.10. She’s accepting of her bodyRochelle Humes fronted Women’s Health UK’s 2019 Naked Issue.Humes appeared on the cover of our iconic (if we do say so ourselves) 2019 Naked Issue but had turned down our cover star offer five years prior.Speaking of her shift in mindset, she said: ‘[back then,] I would have been worried about what people might think, like what are my motives for doing it? But I don’t really care about what people think any more.’‘I’m a mother of two little girls now, I’m 30 years old and it finally happened: I accepted myself, my body, my hair, my scars and my bumps and my bits on one side that doesn’t look the same as the other, and I bit the bullet,’ she added.‘I’m so happy with my body, because now I know what it can do. I’m in a happy place, so why the hell not? Stretch marks and all, here I am.’


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