18th Annual Mr & Ms Meghalaya 2023 today

Meghalaya Body Building And Fitness Association, affiliated to the World Fitness Federation India, will host the 18th Annual Mr & Ms Meghalaya competition at U Soso Tham auditorium here, on October 3 at 4 pm.
Before the main event, a weigh-in session for participants has been scheduled for Tuesday at Fitness First Gym, Mawroh from 3 pm. This marks the official start of the competition, where contestants will confirm their fitness levels.
The event also has a diverse range of categories to cater to various fitness disciplines. These categories include Bodybuilding Women’s Fitness, Denim Jeans Model, and Bermuda Beach Model. Contestants will compete in these categories, each vying for the coveted titles and recognition.
The event not only celebrates physical strength and beauty but also serves as a platform to promote fitness, health, and a sense of community in Meghalaya. It brings together individuals who are passionate about their fitness journeys and showcases the remarkable transformational stories within the state. The venue is expected to be brimming with energy and enthusiasm as participants give their all to claim the titles in their respective categories, a statement said..


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