First-time mum scoops ‘trainer of the year’ award for third time and plans to grow women’s bootcamp

A Teesside woman has won an award for ‘trainer of the year’ for the third year in a row. Amy Pounder started her women’s fitness bootcamp in 2019 and after winning the ‘Corporate Livewire Yorkshire Prestige’ award title for the area last year, and the year before, she has now done it again. As this is the Stockton woman’s third year in a row winning the award, she will collect a gold trophy at a ceremony later this year. This year, the 32-year-old employed another woman, Lynsey, to work for her to help her as she gave birth to her first child nine weeks ago. Amy spoke about how she has juggled becoming a new mother alongside running her own business. Read More: Teesside woman scoops ‘trainer of the year’ again after bootcamp success She said: “You have to keep yourself going. It has been challenging but Lynsey has been an absolute Godsend. “She’s the best thing that’s happened to the business. It’s a joint effort this year which is even better.” Amy was “overwhelmed” when she received the news last week that she had won the award again this year. She added that it is “nice” because it gives her “that little bit of oomph to push even further” and winning the award this year is “a little bit more special because it’s multi-award winning”. More than 100 women take part in Amy’s bootcamp and she is planning to take her business further by introducing a mother and child course, after giving birth to her own baby, and moving into a bigger premises. The bootcamp is currently based in Queensway House, on Skippers Lane in Middlesbrough, but she wants to move into a unit in the same area that is a bit bigger.

Amy with her daughter Aurora
(Image: Amy Pounder)

Amy said: “I recently just had a baby so I’m going to focus on doing a mother and child course where people bring their babies with them so the mothers can train themselves. It’s hard when you’re 24/7 with a baby and trying to fit in exercise and working out. “It becomes impossible. I’m going to put that on three times a week where they will train with myself. The interest in that has been really popular.” More than 30 people have already shown their interest in the mother and child course, according to Amy. The new mum said that she is ‘just trying to find her feet’ as her daughter, Aurora, is her first child but she got back into running the bootcamp soon after giving birth and hopes to start the new course in around four weeks time. Amy believes the key to her success is how comfortable the women feel. She has clients from the ages of 18-years-old to 60-years-old.

Amy Pounder
(Image: Amy Pounder)

She added: “It’s an all-women bootcamp. I pride myself on how comfortable I make them feel, me and Lynsey. It’s more like a big family instead of clients. “The reason why people like coming is because of how comfortable they’re made to feel. I know it sounds awful but you can go to some personal trainers and they stand there and absolutely scream at you and shout at you. “People don’t like that. They don’t find enjoyment in that. I think the key to it is enjoyment. When they come, they actually enjoy working out instead of it feeling more like a chore.” Amy became a personal trainer after suffering with her mental health. She used exercise as a way to overcome her struggles and after realising how much working out helped her, she decided that she would help other people get through similar issues by helping them to train. The bootcamp is an eight-week programme and it involves everything from high intensity training to weight lifting to boxercise. It usually costs £140 but it is currently on offer for £100 and clients have the choice to stay on afterwards for £40 a month. Amy described her approach to her clients as treating them “more like a friend than anything else”. Also, she doesn’t separate the women by their ages or fitness levels because she feels it is more effective to put them in a class together so they can encourage each other. She explained: “Say if I have a new starter they get thrown into a class with different fitness levels because the people who are more fit than the person who has just started encourage that person. All I say is go at your own pace, if you need to rest, rest. “All the women are fantastic. They do my job for me because they’re so encouraging. “I’m really blessed because in four years you can have some clients who are horrible but I have not had one client who I’ve had to say ‘this bootcamp isn’t for you’. Everyone comes in, they do what they need to do, we have a laugh and we get great results.”

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