10 Body-Positive Fitness Influencers To Follow If You’re Starting Your Journey With Movement

In the generation of the chronically online, we’re often faced with an overwhelming wave of information, most of which is tainted with unattainable beauty standards and damaging thoughts on body image. Following body-positive influencers helps to challenge this with the promotion of self-love, mental wellness, and diverse representation.The concept of body positivity in the past two decades has emerged as a powerful movement that challenges the status quo. Amplified by the vehicle of fourth-wave feminism in the early 2000s, body-positive platforms urge us to redefine our relationships with our bodies and embrace the diversity that makes each of us unique. 
As social media has grown, it has become increasingly difficult to separate media portrayals and reality. The intrusive idea of the “perfect” body leaves us feeling inadequate and disconnected from ourselves and the people around us. However, the body positivity movement offers a refreshing counter-narrative – one that encourages individuals to appreciate their bodies for what they are, rather than what they “should” be. Here is a list of fitness and wellness influencers that offer diverse perspectives, encouraging you to focus on your own journey and celebrate the progress and achievements along the way!
Serena Williams (@serenawilliams)

Serena Williams, a professional tennis player, has become an inspiration to the younger generation of female athletes and women of all shapes, colors, and sizes. She now encourages body positivity as a social media influencer, helping others to overcome unhealthy standards for exercise and athleticism.

Jessamyn Stanley (@mynameisjessamyn)

Jessamyn is a yoga instructor and advocate for body positivity, encouraging and teaching people how to embrace their bodies and practice positive exercise habits.

Courtney Lynea (@courtneylynea)

On Courtney’s TikTok page, she has documented her fitness journey over the past two years, sharing gym vlogs, personal challenges, meal suggestions, and inspirational discussions with her followers.

Tiffany Croww (@tiffanycroww)

Tiffany is a yoga instructor and influencer encouraging women to embrace their bodies and stretch their minds. She promotes body positivity in the fitness industry through her easily accessible practices and tips on TikTok.

Mik Zazon (@mikzazon)

Mik is a great body positivity influencer who focuses on health and fitness. As the founder of the #NormalizeNormalBodies movement, she works to inspire body positivity and self-acceptance and raises awareness for eating disorders and mental health initiatives.

Meg Boggs (@meg.boggs)

Meg is a wellness and fitness influencer who promotes body positivity and focuses her philosophy on improving strength and well-being rather than obsessing over appearance.

Mia Redworth (@mimifitmom)

Mia keeps it real about beginning and sustaining her fitness journey after giving birth. As a mother of three, all of which have been delivered via C-section, she uses her platform as a way to support and help mothers on their fitness journey!

Lita Lewis (@followthelita)

As a fitness and wellness coach, Lita has become an internet celebrity and guru in body positivity, starting her own clothing line that promotes confidence and comfortability called Thick Athletics Apparel.

Tess Holliday (@tessholliday)

Tess is a plus-size model and body-positive activist. While not strictly a fitness influencer, she advocates for self-love and body acceptance, challenging societal norms.

Shana Minei Spence (@thenutritiontea)

Shana Spence MS, RDN, CDN, is a registered nutritionist and the founder of @thenutritiontea. Her platform is one of body positivity advocacy, promoting health that involves both physical and mental well-being.

Body positivity is all about the celebration of self-love, acceptance, and empowerment.  It’s so easy for us to get lost in what we should look like  — and the thousands of different ways we need to approach it — rather than encouraging productivity and personal achievement. But your own journey begins with a simple principle: Everybody is unique, and therein lies its beauty. When looking for role models, it is important – of course – to find someone you admire physically, but it is also essential to consider someone whose approach resonates with you mentally and emotionally.


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