3 Glutes Moves For Men to Build Muscle and Strength

This is part of the Men’s Health Body Bible, a collection of cutting-edge stories focused on helping you build more muscle using the latest science and lessons from some of the finest athletes and trainers on the planet.BLAME THE PANDEMIC. The slouch toward athleisure clothing all the time became a sprint during Covid—and it’s not slowing. “Guys now expect their work pants to fit and move the same way their gym clothes do,” says Ben Checketts, cofounder and creative director of Rhone. “Our Commuter pants take design cues from our athletic shorts that flatter, not flatten, the glutes, and we use four-way-stretch materials with no bunching, no diaper butt.” Last year, sales of Rhone’s slim Commuter pants jumped 55 percent, and the skinny version jumped 33. Other brands (think Lululemon, Bonobos, Birddogs, and, yes, Skims Mens) are also getting in on the glutes-hugging office-pants action. While women have historically emphasized glute training more than men, that’s changing, says physique coach Gareth Sapstead, C.S.C.S. “More guys are looking to build the strength and size of their glutes now,” he says. Men are increasingly aware that strengthening their glutes can help them crush 5Ks and dominate pickup basketball. Glute strength does other things, too. “If you suffer from a cranky lower back, then one of the best things you can do is focus on strengthening your glutes through different exercises, patterns, and range of motion,” Sapstead says.And of course, there are those aesthetic benefits. “Wanting to look great!” he adds. “You can hide a lack of abs, but you can’t hide if you have a pancake butt!” To beef up your butt, you need to target all three glute muscles (maximus, medius, and minimus), says Sapstead. You’ll do that with these moves.Must-Do Glute MovesBarbell Hip ThrustHOW TO DO IT:Sit on the floor, a loaded barbell over your hips, shoulder blades against a bench, feet near your butt. Bridge upward, squeezing your glutes. Lower until the barbell nearly touches the floor. That’s 1 rep.REPS & SETS:Do 10 reps, pausing at the top of the final rep. Do 3 sets.Ben Mounsey-WoodOne-and-One-Quarter Heavy Dumbbell Walking LungeHOW TO DO IT:Do 10 walking lunge reps per side. On each rep, with your back knee an inch from the floor, pulse up a few inches. Then take your next step. The pulse-up attacks your glutes in a stretched position.SETS:Do 3 sets.Ben Mounsey-WoodDumbbell High StepupHOW TO DO IT:High stepups stretch your glutes. Stand holding dumbbells at your sides, right foot on a box 18 to 24 inches high. Lean forward just slightly, then stand up on the box, driving your left knee high. Lower slowly.REPS & SETS: Do 8 to 10 reps. Do 3 sets per side.Ben Mounsey-WoodMore Glute Workouts Right This WayThis story originally appears in the January/February 2024 issue of Men’s Health.Want more muscle-building lessons from our Body Bible? Click the link below to read all of the stories.READ MOREBen Court is the Executive Editor of Men’s Health. He has a decade of experience writing and editing stories about peak performance, as it relates to health, nutrition, fitness, weight loss, and sex and relationships. He enjoys yoga, cycling, running, swimming, lifting, grilling, and napping.


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