Akshay Kumar bats for long-lasting fitness, accepting one’s appearance in PM Modi’s Mann Ki Baat | Bollywood News

One must focus on leading a fitter life and not a life with “filters” inspired by film stars, said actor Akshay Kumar on Sunday in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s monthly radio programme Mann Ki Baat.
The actor was one of the many personalities from different walks of life who shared their tips on fitness in the 108th episode of the broadcast, the last for the year 2023.
Akshay Kumar, 56, thanked the prime minister for giving him a platform in Mann Ki Baat to share his thoughts with the citizens.

“You all know I’m passionate about fitness, but I’m even more passionate about staying fit the natural way. What I like more than fancy gyms is swimming, playing badminton, climbing stairs, exercising with ‘mudgar’, eating good healthy food…
“Change your lifestyle on the advice of doctors and not by looking at some film star’s body. Actors are often not what they appear on screen. Many types of filters and special effects are used and after seeing them, we start using shortcuts to change our body,” the actor said.
Akshay also cautioned the listeners about taking shortcuts in their fitness journey.

Akshay Kumar takes a dig on actors with superficial abs induced by steroids 😂#AkshayKumar 🤝 #NarendraModi 🤝#ManKiBaat
— AP (@AksP009) December 31, 2023
“Nowadays, many people take steroids and go for these six packs and eight packs. Friends, with such shortcuts the body swells from outside but remains hollow from inside. Remember that shortcuts can cut your life short. You need long-lasting fitness, not shortcuts…
“Like, I believe pure ghee, if eaten in the right quantity, is beneficial for us. But I see many boys and girls do not eat ghee because they fear they might become fat. It is very important for us to know what is good and what is bad for our fitness,” he added.
The actor likened fitness to “devotion”.
“It shouldn’t be like instant coffee or two-minutes noodles. In this new year, promise yourself no chemicals, no shortcut, exercise, yoga, good food, sleeping on time, some meditation and most importantly, happily accept how you look. After today, don’t live a filter life, live a fitter life,” Akshay said.
During the broadcast of Mann Ki Baat, Isha Foundation founder Sadhguru, Indian Women’s Cricket Team Captain Harmanpreet Kaur and chess legend Vishwanathan Anand also shared their fitness tips.
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