Kelsea Ballerini Shares Her Favorite Ways to Relax

Kelsea Ballerini has been on a journey this past year. Between her “Heartfirst” Tour, a Grammy nomination, and a budding new romance after a public divorce, the spotlight hasn’t stopped shining on her. So when POPSUGAR caught up with the “Penthouse” singer, it came as no surprise to us that off the road and in her private life, Ballerini is focused on rest.”I really try to let my mind, body, soul rest and repair,” Ballerini says of her time lately. That includes doing Lagree Pilates a few times a week, a daily sauna session at home, and sunset walks with her dog and a few friends around her Nashville neighborhood.When it comes time to ramp up again for a press run or another tour, Ballerini says she’ll prioritize more cardio for breath support — but right now, she’s focused on doing what feels “comfortable and restorative” to her body.”I think I’m finding a lot of beauty in the humaneness of people and of myself.”For Ballerini, comforting habits include a daily cup of coffee. She says she fills her cup — literally and metaphorically — with Original Donut Shop (Ballerini is the brand’s first celebrity ambassador) and drinks it hot, with no creamer. Ballerini says that the ritual of making and drinking coffee every morning has brought a sense of consistency and sustainability to what can be an otherwise tumultuous day-to-day. “I think as this year has just kind of become the craziest year of my life, it’s been nice to have that thing that I look forward to every morning no matter where I am or what’s going on,” she tells POPSUGAR.As for her mind and mental health, “I’m learning the art of giving myself grace,” Ballerini says. “I think that’s really, really hard, especially as young women.” Ballerini has been very open in the past about her struggles with an eating disorder and anxiety, even penning a book of poetry in 2021 titled “Feel Your Way Through,” which addresses themes of family, relationships, body image, and self-love.”I just don’t think I subscribe as much to the idea of getting it all right all the time anymore,” she says. “I think I’m finding a lot of beauty in the humaneness of people and of myself,” a shift in perspective that Ballerini credits in part to therapy.She says that the holidays tend to be a trigger for tension and stress, and last year she “just wasn’t feeling” in a festive mood. This year, however, she’s protecting her mental well-being by opening lines of communication with her family. “My parents are divorced and I always try to navigate making sure I have time for both my mom and my dad,” Ballerini says. But that’s not always easy, especially when you have a partner and want to ensure that you’re spending time with their family, too.”It’s a lot to juggle,” Ballerini admits. But “it’s a really good time to exercise boundaries.” While that’s often easier said than done, setting clear expectations about when she will show up and how has been a game changer.”That takes that pressure off my plate, and now I can just exist and enjoy it,” Ballerini says. “I want to feel the magic of [Christmas] this year. I really missed it last year and I’m dead set on just getting my friends over and cooking, making cookies, and watching ‘Elf’ 400 times.”

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