Forget fitness trackers — Sennheiser’s new sport earbuds beam health data directly from your ears

Sennheiser has a trio of new headphones at CES 2024, including top-of-the-line noise-canceling earbuds and fresh-looking entry-level wireless over-ear headphones. But it’s the new Sennheiser Momentum Sport earbuds with built-in biometric feedback that we’re especially intrigued by. We’ve seen “smart” earbuds before in various forms. But the Momentum Sport buds are the only pair we’re aware of that measures body temperature and heart rate, in real-time, beaming user health information directly to a connected fitness app. Fitness tracking from the earsThe heart rate and temperature sensors sit just below the wax-resistant runner tips.  (Image credit: Sennheiser)The optical heart-rate monitor and temperature sensors are located on the inside of the earbuds, just below the rubber tips, and seem to add minimal bulk to the design of the Momentum Sport earbuds — we expect them to wear comfortably. The Momentum Sports also play nicely with some of the best fitness tracking apps of 2024, including Apple Health, Garmin Connect, Strava, Peleton, Polar Flow and more. Sennheiser specifically calls out the earbuds’ integration with Polar’s software. And it sounds like the Polar Vantage V3 smartwatch will likely be the first wrist wearable to take full advantage of the Momentum Sports’ real-time metrics. Tough-built for sweaty conditions To ensure athletes can still hear their surroundings while on the move, the Momentum Sports earbuds feature an acoustic relief channel and semi-open design that lets some outside noise in. The Sports are also designed to minimize user-created noise, like heavy breathing and footsteps. Rated IP55 for water and dust resistance, the Momentum Sports should hold up well to sweat and even rain, though they are not submersible. Sennheiser also says they have a shockproof chassis. This is good to know for when one of the buds inevitably falls out of your ear. The ear tips also boast a “clog-resistant” design. Battery life is a solid 6 hours, and the case holds up to three recharges — a quick 10-minute recharge provides up to 45 minutes of playback.Is non-wrist-based tracking the future? The new Amazfit Helio Ring at CES 2024. (Image credit: Future)The Momentum Sports earbuds are far from the only non-wrist-based fitness tech we’ve seen launched at CES 2024 so far. Garmin (finally) rolled out the HRM-fit heart rate monitor, a small device that can easily — and hopefully, comfortably — attach to a sports bra and pair with a companion app. Though not a wearable, the CES-announced Withings BeamO aims to simplify at-home health monitoring into one convenient device that does body temperature readings, monitors blood saturation, performs ECGs and listens to heart and lung health. The Amazfit Helio smart ring also just debuted, giving the ever-popular Oura Ring 3 a run for its money. Additionally, the women’s health-focused Movano Evie Ring is finally in production and ready to ship, Movano announced during CES. Finally, the highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Ring is also expected to drop very soon.This is all to say that this may very well be the year fitness tech ditches the wrist — just one of the predictions for 2024 wearable tech we’ve made.Sennheiser Momentum Sport earbuds: price and availability The Sennheiser Momentum Sport earbuds hit store shelves on April 9 for $329.95. Pick up a pair in Polar Black, Burned Olive or Metallic Graphite. Check out our CES 2024 hub for all the latest news from the show as it happens. Follow the Tom’s Guide team in Las Vegas as we cover everything AI, as well as the best new TVs, laptops, fitness gear, wearables and smart home gadgets at the show.And be sure to check out the Tom’s Guide TikTok channel for all the newest videos from CES!More from Tom’s GuideToday’s best Sennheiser Momentum and Sennheiser Momentum 4 deals

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