Lessons Being Learned on Bodybuilding’s Best Podcasts

The 2024 bodybuilding season has been on hiatus for the holidays, but it will be back before we know it. The Arnold Classic is in less than two months, and athletes around the world are already in prep with hopes of qualifying for the 60th edition of Joe Weider’s Olympia Weekend in Las Vegas, NV on Oct. 10-13.
The best way to stay in the loop is to be paying attention now, and we got you covered thanks to Olympia TV and the Muscle & Fitness YouTube channels. Here’s a glimpse at what you have to look forward to this week.
Prime Time Muscle

It’s been over two months since Derek Lunsford became bodybuilding’s first champ-champ by winning the 2023 Mr. Olympia, but fans are still talking about who should’ve been the winner of that historic contest in Orlando, FL. Tim WIlkins, Terrick El Guindy, and Chris Cormier returned for a new season of Prime Time Muscle, and they immediately held El Guindy’s feet to the fire by asking him how Lunsford was awarded the Sandow Trophy. The IFBB Pro League judge gave his full assessment as to why Lunsford was the better man that weekend, and he backed his claims up with knowledge that fans won’t get anywhere else. Do the quarter turns really make that big of a difference? Watch and learn for yourself.
Andrea Shaw Interview

The ladies of Femme Flex Friday and Isabelle Turell of The Fit Rockstar Show needed a week off after doing heavy lifting for several weeks, but the fans of the women’s side of the stage were treated to a special interview of none other than four-time Ms. Olympia Andrea Shaw. Shaw joined eight-time Ms. Olympia Lenda Murray, Bob Cicherillo, and El Guindy for this exclusive hour-long conversation covering a wide array of topics. Right off the bat, Shaw shared that she enjoyed the holidays, but she was excited to “unofficially” be in prep for her run at Olympia number five. Will she do any other shows as well? They also cover other topics such as Detroit and Michigan sports and opinions about the men’s side of bodybuilding.
The Meance Podcast

Over on the Muscle & Fitness YouTube channel, Dennis James, Milos Sarcev, and Cormier held another legends roundtable on this week’s episode of The Menace Podcast, and they were joined by 2014 Arnold Classic champion Dennis Wolf. Wolf provided updates on his life, reflected back on an amazing career, and he even shared his thoughts about the current state of bodybuilding. Which new pros does he have his eyes on, and who does he see winning the 2024 edition of the Arnold? Save a cardio session for this one because it will be a great listen.
While you’re on the M&F channel, make sure you subscribe so you can catch the latest episodes of REPS with Zack Zeigler and John Romano every Tuesday and Thursday.


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