Maldon: Muay Fitness launching new classes this month

Gemma Heard has run Muay Fitness in Maldon for “a couple of years” and as of this month is starting up new classes.

Gemma visited Thailand, fell in love with Muay Thai and decided to set up her own classes for women to train together.

Her mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer around six months before the classes began.

Gemma began to wind her classes down at the beginning of last year while caring for her mother, who sadly passed away in October 2023.

The new classes will include menopause movement and working with girls to teach kickboxing and empowerment.

Gemma said there would be kickboxing classes for girls aged five to 12.

There will also be general fitness and self defence classes.

Gemma said: “I’m excited to get going again, working with women to break barriers in fitness. Finding enjoyment and empowerment in doing something new.

“I’m really passionate about breaking those misconceptions – this can be a fun, elegant and empowering sport.

“We don’t spar, we don’t fight. We’re changing the concept of what being strong means.”

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