Tips and exercises that work

Since learning this, I’ve added several new contraptions to my gym visits, which is great to stop boredom setting in. I’ve also started doing a specific routine for arms recommended by no less than Madonna’s personal trainer, Craig Smith.You grab a couple of dumbbells – from 2-5kg, I use 4kg – and, holding one in each hand, go into a squat, then come back to standing, bringing the dumbies up to your waist, at the side.Squat again, then arise bringing them up the front in a bicep curl to your shoulders, with elbows tight to your side. For the third squat, come up pushing the dumbbells straight over your head, holding for a couple of beats.Listening to Madonna while doing it is optional, but it certainly motivates me.I do three sets of 15, which seems like a very efficient way to work my legs, glutes and a royal flush of back, shoulder and arm muscles – as advised by Worthington.Once you have some moves and weight machines in place you feel good about, the key thing is to stick at it. There is no easy upper arm fix. You have to be dogged and consistent to see results.The woman who inspired me to start regular resistance training (she told me about the dementia-avoiding benefits) is Saska Graville, the co-founder of the women’s midlife platform Hylda. She says that in the past year, with free-lifting weights twice a week plus two yoga classes, she is noticing a real improvement in her arms.

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